Phil Jimenez: The Earily Years
    Yes, its true.  Before Phil became comics best artist, he was just like us, a regular comic fan.  The background art I have put up is a picture Phil did before his pro days!  Phil used to work at a comic store out in CA. and right before he moved to New York, Phil made this picture for the owner of the comic book store.  Look how talented Phil was even at such an earily age. I now own this picture, the owner was running out of room and need to sell some items, this was one of them and I now have it hanging proudly on my wall.
The Letter
In DC Comics Who's Who #10, we again get to see Phil as a regular fan.  He got his first and only fan letter published in the issue.

To the Who's Who of WHO'S WHO,
     I must say your're doing a spectacular job with WHO'S WHO.  It is enjoyable to read, the artwrok is fantastic, and the layout superb.  And and all who have contributed should be proud!
     But enough with the head swells.  While your series is great, I do have a few questions/complaints.
     1.)I realize your're not giving exact limts to powers and such for fear of hindering your writers, but is it possible to expend in your "Powers & Weapons" section?  For example, Duo Damsel's powers are "... Splits herself into two indentical bodies." That's all it states.  You don't know what these bodies can do, if they act independently, or what.  Come on, guys! If nothing else, show examples of what the bodies or powers can do.
     2. This isn't a complaint, but a question  Would it be possible to place "Place of Birth" in your "Personal Data" section?  It's not a world-shattering asset, but it would be nice for some of those alien characters.
                                 Phil Jimenez
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