Hi everyone!  This is a fan page for one of my all time favorite comic creators-Phil Jimenez! I first became a fan of Phil's when I saw his incredible work on JLA/Titans. From that point on I was hooked and convinced that he is comics greatest artist and later on, learned he was a very talented writer as well!

I have a large amount of Phil's work but everyday I seem to find more and more of his stuff I never knew about. In November 2000 Phil started to work on his dream project, Wonder Woman! In just three short issues Phil has turned Wonder Woman from a weak, why should I read this book,  into a "My God! Now this is a comic"-must read title!. Phil was committed to a two-year run of writting and drawing his favorite comic character, now his run is almost up.  Sad as it maybe, Phil still has a line up of projects that should make any fan happy!  Guest work on New Xmen which will re-team Phil with writer Grant Morrison!  These two made a great team on The Invisibles, can't wait to see what they have in store for the Xmen.  Phill will also be working on his creator-owned Vertigo Project! I'm very eager to hear more about this!

In this site you will be able to look at different pages of work from Phil in the gallery section.  Learn more about Phil as a person and artist in the History section.  Get Updated PJ news,  See what Phil was like as a fan boy, link to site with different PJ interviews and a lot more!  Have fun and enjoy!

please sign the guest book and let me know what you think, give some suggestion, whatever you like! Thank You!
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