Phil Jimenez's Interviews
In this page, you can find all sorts of interviews that Phil has done over the years.  Read, learn and have fun!
Phil's Paradise - An interview with Phil Jimenez by Tracy Paddock from  Sequential Tart
Talking about the Invisibles- Phil talks about his work on the Invisibles to Scott Simmon of Heros and Dragons
Wonder Man - Phil discusses his firt year on Wonder Woman with CBR's Arune Singh
Talking with Phil - Phil talk's to Aruen Singh about his upcoming Wonder Woman stint
Webslingers - Phil, Geoff Johns and other comic pros talk about comics and the internet with CBR's Arune Singh
New X and Other Wonders- Phil goes another round with Arune, as he talks about his final Wonder Woman work, work on New Xmen and beyond
Not Just Invisible - Phil talk with PlanetOut about his Wonder Woman work and his life in comics
Wonder Woman's Powers - Phil talks to Hank Stuever of the Washington Post about his work on Wonder Woman
Interviews-Phil Jimenez - Two members of the Gay League talk to Phil about his work in comics.
A Second Visit- Phil goes another round with the Gay League in this "Lost Interview"
A Conversation with Phil Jimenez - Phil talks just a little bit about everything  with Ed Mathews of Slushfactory *One of the best PJ interviews I have read.*
Art Bible of the gods - Phil lets Wizard take a peek at his Wonder Woman bible!